SCSSD is fully funded by:

Community Programs

Street Trees

Street trees are a valuable community asset and SCSSD continues to invest time and funds into tree care efforts. SCSSD performs tree care work in supplement to City of Philadelphia services. Currently, there are 1,438 street trees located within the SCSSD boundaries. SCSSD maintains an extensive database on these trees noting information such as the species, the size, the condition, and the date and type of maintenance work performed by SCSSD contractors.

Tree Maintenance

In supplement to City services, SCSSD has funded five neighborhood tree trimming projects. For each project, SCSSD hired a certified arborist and contractor to visit each street tree and perform necessary pruning work. It should be noted that street trees remain the responsibility of the City, and residents should continue to call the City hotline at 3-1-1 for all tree maintenance and/or tree removal requests.

New Tree Installations

SCSSD continues to install new street trees when requested by an SCSSD resident and approved by the City of Philadelphia. Since 2006, SCSSD has proudly planted 565 new street trees! If you are an SCSSD resident interested in getting a new street tree installed in front of your home, please complete and return the SCSSD application.