SCSSD is fully funded by:

Community Programs

Sanitation & Recycling

SCSSD is focused on maintaining clean neighborhoods in an environmentally responsible manner. Here are some examples:

Residential Cleaning Program

The SCSSD Residential Cleaning Program started operations in August of 2005. This is the most visible and costly SCSSD program. The Residential Cleaning Team includes six employees that visit each area of the District at least once per week, cleaning neighborhood streets and sidewalks with the goal of zero tolerance for litter. The Cleaning Team also assists neighbors with the pick-up of tree leaves during the fall season. To maximize cleaning efficiency, SCSSD uses a system of 46 cleaning sub-districts and various cleaning methods and equipment. For most weeks, SCSSD focuses on the pick-up of District-wide large litter every Monday and Friday, supplemented by a rotation of more detailed cleaning on the midweek days of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Meet the Cleaning Team:


                Brad                                   James


             Antoinne                                George


               Rim                                      Maurice                                   John                     


Dog Waste Stations

SCSSD has installed and currently maintains eleven Dog Waste Stations located along sidewalks throughout the District.

Recycling Bin Distribution

SCSSD is proud to support City recycling efforts by distributing “single stream” recycling bins (pending availability) to SCSSD residents.

Recycling Carts Delivery

In July 2015, SCSSD funded a project to provide every SCSSD household with a FREE, heavy-duty, 32-gallon recycling cart with wheels and attached lid.  Each green colored cart was customized with the SCSSD logo, the recycle logo, and a lid decal with the household address.  The SCSSD recycling carts provide residents with a more durable alternative to help increase recycling, keep recyclables contained, and help decrease neighborhood litter.

Reusable Grocery Bags

SCSSD distributes free reusable grocery bags to residents at SCSSD Community Events, such as the Annual Document Shredding Event that promotes identity theft safety and recycling.