SCSSD is fully funded by:

Community Programs


Another area of SCSSD focus is recreation. Here are some examples:

Neighborhood Youth Athletics

SCSSD has donated over $57,000 to neighborhood youth athletic teams located within SCSSD boundaries. The SCSSD funding helps with league fees, equipment, playing field facility improvements, and uniforms.

Community Center Feasibility Study

SCSSD completed a Community Center Feasibility Study in 2006 based on the idea of constructing a community center within SCSSD boundaries for the exclusive use of SCSSD residents and their guests. SCSSD used results from the 2004 Community Needs Survey to determine the features and recreational programs most desirable to SCSSD residents. SCSSD evaluated the associated construction and operating costs and determined that it is not possible for SCSSD to fund such a center by itself. SCSSD continues to investigate possible partnering opportunities and funding opportunities, but SCSSD is not planning to build a community center by itself at this time.