SCSSD is fully funded by:

Community Programs


SCSSD is proud to provide donations to other non-profit organizations in the District. Here are some examples:

School Donations Program

In 2004, SCSSD established the School Donations Program to benefit the area schools located within SCSSD boundaries. SCSSD has since provided $303,000 in funding to the schools for special projects and programs that otherwise would not be possible. Examples include: computer LCD projectors, interactive smart boards, new classroom windows, educational guitar program, classroom PA system, security door access system, educational butterfly garden, athletic equipment, graduation yearbooks, new lunch room chairs, basketball backboards, chess supplies, bike racks, classroom maps, and shelter-in-place emergency supplies.

Hero Thrill Show

In proud support of the local Police Officers and Firefighters that protect SCSSD residents, SCSSD has donated $58,000 to the annual Hero Thrill Show charity. Event proceeds are used to provide scholarships to the children of Police Officers and Firefighters who have been disabled or fatally wounded in the line of duty.

Team Charities

SCSSD is based on an important principle of the teams and neighbors working together on common goals of community benefit. SCSSD is proud to strengthen that partnership by participating in annual charity carnivals and donations. Each year, SCSSD makes a donation to the charitable cause of most importance to each of our partner sports venue operators, including the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives carnival, the Phillies Phestival, and the Eagles Charitable Foundation.

Supersite Fence Donation

In 2008, SCSSD completed a $300,000 donation to the School District of Philadelphia for the installation of decorative security fencing around the Southern-Bok athletic fields, located at 10th and Bigler Streets, in SCSSD Community District III. In 2007, the School District invested over $7 million to improve this “Supersite”. SCSSD funded the fence for the benefit of the adjacent community, to further beautify the neighborhood and minimize trespassing security problems of the past.