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Media Coverage 

August 30, 2016
‘20 Years Later, Sports Arena Still the 'Center' of Attention’
- The Philadelphia Public Record

May 12, 2016
‘All wars honored by SCSSD’
- South Philly Review

October 29, 2015
‘Sports Complex District Halloween Party’
- The South Philadelphia Public Record

May 9, 2013
‘Amid support for casino proposals, neighbors decry plans’
- Philadelphia Daily News

May 9, 2013
‘Pros, cons aired at hearing on casino proposals’
- Philadelphia Inquirer

May 8, 2013
‘Some say no to proposed casinos’

April 27, 2013
‘Stadium district casinos make neighbors nervous’
- Philadelphia Daily News

March 4, 2013
‘Philadelphia's Next Gambling Showdown’
Pennsylvania gaming board accepting public requests to speak at Philadelphia casino hearings.
- Philadelphia Inquirer

December 10, 2012
‘Philly Makes 3 Stadium Combo Work For Fans, Neighbors’
- King 5 News, Seattle

March 30, 2011
‘Blooming block’
- South Philly Review

February 7, 2011
‘The Sports Complex Special Services District: Thirty Million Dollars For Your Trouble’
- Drexel Law Review

December 22, 2010
‘Philly’s Pedicabs Seek Stadium Routes’
- Philadelphia Weekly

July 1, 2010
‘Philly Live! talking’
Comcast-Spectacor trim the size of its latest entertainment project, eyes 2012 opening.
- South Philly Review

October 29, 2010
‘Center of it all’
From the Fall Classic returning for the second-straight year to the final curtain call at the Spectrum, the sports complex will be bustling all weekend.
- South Philly Review

August 13, 2009
‘Stamp of Approval’
Community groups surrounding the stadium complex have concerns about Philly Live!
- South Philly Review

September 20, 2008
‘Local Non-Profit Hands Our Emergency Kits in S. Phila.’
- KYW Newsradio 1060 Philadelphia

January 24, 2008
‘Make Way for Change’
Comcast-Spectacor unveiled the early stages of its plan to develop Philly Live! at the stadium complex.
- South Philly Review

January 23, 2008
‘Nothing definite, but they’re working on it’
- Philadelphia Inquirer

January 15, 2008
‘Big plans in works for site of Spectrum’
Comcast-Spectacor is talking with a Baltimore firm about restaurants, theaters, retail, maybe a hotel in S. Phila.
- Philadelphia Inquirer

August 2, 2007
‘Star Struck’
The ratings monster known as American Idol is taking over the Wachovia Center later this month for auditions, and the area is preparing for the crowds.
- South Philly Review

July 12, 2007
‘How to Shake Down a Casino’
Sports SSD Shows the Way
- The Philadelphia Public Record

December 13, 2006
‘Target-Rich Environment’
South Philly residents face off with Homeland Security, Sunoco about potential terrorist threats.
- Philadelphia City Paper

December 11, 2006
‘Cut locals in on slots action’
Funding for special services districts around casinos must be a condition for any gaming licenses awarded in Phila.
- Philadelphia Inquirer

June 29, 2006
‘Still in the Running’
After meeting with United States Olympic Committee officials in May, Philadelphia delegates made a second presentation at the committee’s request.
- South Philly Review

May 11, 2006
‘Getting in the Games’
City officials met with the US Olympic Committee to discuss if Philly, and possible the Stadium District, has what it takes to host the 2016 Summer Games.
- South Philly Review

September 1, 2005
‘No Parking’
It’s game day and…
- South Philly Review

August 4, 2005
‘Hot Sun in the Summertime’
This week ushers in the hottest month of the year, but seniors got a jump start on keeping cool with free fans.
- South Philly Review

May 25, 2005
‘Neighbors not feeling lucky’
Developers consider South Philly a prime location for two casinos, but residents disagree and stated their case at two community meetings.
- South Philly Review

May 20, 2005
‘Street tries to ease residents' slots fears’
The city will not let casinos go where they are not appropriate, the mayor told 120 in South Phila.
- Philadelphia Inquirer

March 31, 2005
‘Enforcing a lesson’
Residents who say they already are squeezed for space are balking at a parking crackdown around a local school.
- South Philly Review

March 17, 2005
‘Vet remains a dump with parking lot delayed’
Neighbors grumble over endless rumble at South Philly site.
- Philadelphia Daily News

March 16, 2005
‘With stadiums so close, the neighbors got game’
- Philadelphia Inquirer

January 22, 2005
‘Crews of Workers Huddle, Fine-Tune Strategy, Suit-Up’
The region yesterday got ready for a big snowstorm and a big NFC championship game.
- Philadelphia Inquirer

December 2, 2004
‘Extreme Home Field Makeover’
The school district will begin major renovations to the athletic site at 12th and Bigler next year.
- South Philly Review

October 6, 2004
‘Planning Commission Completes Evaluation of Stadium Access Issues’
- City of Philadelphia Press Release

September 16, 2004
‘Horses Galloped Off’
Letter to the Editor
- South Philly Review

September 9, 2004
‘Back in the Saddle?’
Plans to a harness-racing track at the Navy Yard will be revisited at a community hearing Tuesday.
- South Philly Review

August 31, 2004
‘Sports Complex a Bowl of Problems’
Plagued by traffic, lighting problems, lagging construction.
- Philadelphia Inquirer

August 12, 2004
‘Citizens Can’t Park’
The Phillies will add thousands of new parking spaces at the former site of Veterans Stadium by November, but neighbors contend the work was promised earlier.
- South Philly Review

July 22, 2004
‘Neighbors Cry Foul’
Four months after the Vet's implosion, some neighbors who suffered property damage claim they are getting the runaround.
- South Philly Review

July 12, 2004
‘Sports Venues Pay for District’
In a rare setup, the teams pay $1 million yearly, the sole support of the Sports Complex Special Services District.
- Philadelphia Inquirer

February 19, 2004
‘Relief down the road?’
Traffic at the sports complex is a grudging part of life for local residents and fans alike. Now, both the city and the special-services district are studying the obstacles and possible solutions.
- South Philly Review

January 16, 2004
‘Eagles, City Planning for Safety on Sunday’
- Philadelphia Inquirer

January 15, 2004
‘Fielding concerns’
Though some residents are looking forward to the school district's new athletic complex at 12th and Bigler, others have issues with the plans.
- South Philly Review

January 10, 2004
‘Frenzy Over the Eagles Hits Close to Homes’
- Philadelphia Inquirer

January 8, 2004
‘Eagles, City tell fans to take train to game’
- Philadelphia Inquirer

January 8, 2004
‘Plans Made to Demolish Veterans Stadium’
- Associated Press

January 1, 2004
‘03 Ring Circus’
While war was waged in Iraq, the neighborhood battled with increased crime, political scandal, changes in schools and stadiums, and general chaos.
- South Philly Review

January 8, 2004
‘Contractors step to the plate’
Stadium-area neighbors learned more about plans for the springtime demolition of the Vet at a crowded meeting with officials.
- South Philly Review

December 11, 2003
‘Demolition plans about to implode’
A battle is brewing between the neighborhood and the Phillies over the team's plans to knock down Veterans Stadium.
- South Philly Review

November 20, 2003
‘Bracing for a Blowup’
As the Vet nears demolition, stadium-area neighbors have hired their own engineer to survey the plans
- South Philly Review

September 4, 2003
‘Traffic and Parking Advisory for Eagles Inaugural Game’
- City of Philadelphia Press Release

September 4, 2003
‘Plan made to ease parking nightmare at the Linc’
- KYW 1060

August 28, 2003
‘Greener Pastures’
Lincoln Financial Field proved a dream come true for most football fans at the Eagles' debut in the stadium. Traffic, however, was a bit of a nightmare.
- South Philly Review

August 14, 2003
‘Loud and Near’
The first concerts at Lincoln Financial Field echoed throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. The stadium district is hearing complaints about the noise and traffic, too.
- South Philly Review

January 23, 2003
‘Back to Business’
The stadium district finally has an executive director, and members now hope to focus on issues like demolition of the Vet.
- South Philly Review

January 15, 2003
‘S. Phila. board chooses its director’
- Philadelphia Inquirer

January 14, 2003
‘In South Philadelphia, indecision has a price’
A board's inability to choose is delaying a $1 million payment.
- Philadelphia Inquirer

November 28, 2002
‘District on the defense’
As new arenas quickly take shape, disagreements continue to hamper progress on the body established to serve stadium-area neighborhoods.
- South Philly Review

November 7, 2002
‘Learning from penalties’
After two home games under a new permit-parking system, neighbors saw fewer violators.
- South Philly Review

December 7-14, 2000
‘Deal Clinchers, Stadium Financing Package’
- Philadelphia City Paper